Ten Tors Challenge
Wyvern The Ten Tors Community welcomes its new Director Colonel Andrew Dawes Commander South West

Briefing 8 Oct 16





1000 – 1020

SO1 TT welcome

Blg 83E

Lt Col Peter Bates

1020 – 1030

DNPA support

Blg 83E

Mr Rob Steemson

1030 – 1040

Met Office support

Blg 83E

Mr David Evans

1040 – 1050

Outdoor pursuits – a local authority’s perspective

Blg 83E

Mr Andy Barclay

1120 - 1130

Compliance Monitoring

Blg 83E

Mr Andy Waters

1130 – 1240

JC Breakout to Officers’ Mess Gp 4

Blg 97

UOTC Exeter

1130 – 1145

Trackers & JC Systems

Blg 83E

Mr Nigel Kenyon

TTC Round Robin

am and pm

Dartmoor Commoners Council

Presenters: John Cooper, Peter Harper & Karla McKechnie

Kit and Safety

Cdr Jerry Bearne RN

Scrutineeers and DRG

TTC 2016/17 routes & rule changes

Lt Col (Retd) Tony Clark, Messrs Andy Waters, Mike Ruffles

Programme 8 Oct 16

Head of Establishment Assurance

Attendance Certificate