Ten Tors Challenge

Fri 6 Apr 2018: Annex A to Ten Tors rules - Road and River crossings

Annex A and B to the Ten Tors Rules have been replaced by a revised Annex A dated 30 Mar 18, which combines the written amplification of the Rules with 1:25,000 tiles illustrating the road and river limitations, and crossings. Team Managers should ensure that the permitted roads, road crossing and preferred paths, and River States and crossings are understood by participants.

Once routes are allocated, teams are to mark up their maps with relevant information. Team Managers must emphasise that the responsibility for team’s safety during the Challenge lies with the participants. All road use and river crossings are potentially hazardous, and teams must exercise responsibility, common sense and prudence. If any river crossing appears to be too hazardous for the least able member of the team, they should be taught to seek a safer alternative.

Link to Annex A (PDF, 8.6 MB)

Last updated 06/04/2018

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