Year of Green Action 2019

Thu 16 May 2019: Certificates & Infringements

TTC & JC Completion and Attendance Certificates

As you may be aware, this year we are awarding Team and Individual Certificates via this website (for completion or attendance of the Event). In addition, there is a simple on-line questionnaire to complete before the certificates can be accessed and downloaded (also on-line).

At present, due to the technical aspects of creating this process , the earliest we are able to release the Certificates will be Mon 27 May 19. Your patience in this matter is appreciated and we will provide updates on this matter accordingly.


If your team has created an infringement, we will contact you no later than Tue 21 May and ask you to investigate and make a reply (details of this procedure to follow). Of note, is that until the infringement is resolved, your certificates will not be able to be accessed.

Last updated 16/05/2019

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