Year of Green Action 2019

Thu 18 Apr 2019: Event Rules and Forms

The following amended documents have today been published on the website for Ten Tors 2019:

  1. Rules for Participants – The Pink Card. Waterproof copies will be issued at Event Registration, however it is recommended that participants are briefed on the rules beforehand.
  2. Rules for Team Staff – The Orange Card. Copies will also be issued at Event Registration, however Team Staff must familiarise themselves with its contents beforehand.
  3. Team Manager’s Survival Guide. Please read and follow this document to help ensure that participants, enablers and supporters all have as stress-free Ten Tors 2019 as possible.
  4. Team Manager’s Notice to Parents and Carers. This contains crucial safety and other information that must be passed on. It has been uploaded as a word document to allow TMs to add additional details, however information should only be added and not deleted.

Last updated 18/04/2019

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