Ten Tors Challenge

Fri 27 Oct 2017: Rare bird nesting areas

The breeding areas plots of birds that are rare on Dartmoor (Golden Plover, Dunlin and Ring Ouzels) that we have agreed not to use for Ten Tors training from 1 March 2018 and for the Challenges, are now available at http://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/learning/teachers-educators/ten-tors . These Rare Bird Nesting Areas (RBNA) also provide a breeding sanctuary for more common species, such as Skylarks and Wheatears. To assist in copying the areas onto your maps, they print out at 1:25,000 providing you don’t use ‘fit to page’. Some Team Managers have suggested printing the outlines onto light card and then cutting out the shapes to use as a template to draw around using the eastings and northings to locate the shape on the map. Also available on the same page of the National Park’s website are .gpx files that will download the outlines and the crossing routes onto various mapping products.

Please note that Ten Tors Rule 37.3 states Rare Bird Nesting Areas (RBNAs). Walkers using Dartmoor are to have current RBNAs marked on their maps. No intrusions into the RBNAs are permissible during the nesting season (1 March – 31 July). If an emergency necessitates crossing an RBNA, use existing paths and tracks, and do not linger, picnic or camp.

Although the RBNA restrictions are only between 1 March and 15 July, it is sensible to get used to them in February. And do make sure that you amend the RBNA shown on the Dartmoor Training Area map as they are out of date.

Last updated 02/03/2018