Ten Tors Challenge


Every year there are a number of individuals and groups that do not complete the Ten Tors Challenge. The reasons for this are many including medical problems and teams finishing after 1700 on the Sunday. To be clear, the Ten Tors Challenge is exactly that, a challenge and while individual cases may become emotive we must remember that the success and allure of Ten Tors is down to the fact that it is a challenging event in sometimes very harsh conditions and a merciless environment. Therefore, while we would like all participants to be successful the shear nature of the Event makes this near impossible. Hence the sense of achievement when the challenge is met. That said, it is widely felt that there should be some sort of recognition for those participants who were unable to complete the Ten Tors Challenge. These participants, who completed all the necessary training, gave up their spare time (and their parents time) and threw everything they had into completing the challenge leave with no such recognition. Consequently, we have designed three certificates (55 Gold, 45 Silver, 35 Bronze) which establishments may wish to use to recognise the achievements of those participant that did not complete the challenge. To be clear, this is a suggestion only, and it is an establishments decision as to whether they decide to recognise the efforts of their participants not completing the challenge.

You can find the certificates under 'Forms, cards and notices' within the 'Training' dropdown tab.

Last updated 17/05/2018

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