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Tue 12 Feb 2019: Team Managers Training on Dartmoor Log

Prior to any Ten Tors Training on Dartmoor, Team Managers are to input the training details on the automated Training on Dartmoor form. This will generate the report that is compiled weekly for all training within the Dartmoor National Park. The report is made available to the Police, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams, Dartmoor National Park Authority Rangers, Environmental Compliance Monitor's and Ten Tors Officials to assist in the event of an emergency, incident, complaint or non-compliance with the Ten Tors Rules. In addition, statistics derived from the form are used to check compliance with our agreements with landowners and Statutory Bodies.

To enter the details of your Training on Dartmoor;

Log in through your Dashboard.

Click ‘Add New’. Complete the fields in accordance with the guidance given. If you miss out a mandatory field, you will be reminded to go back to complete that field when you click on ‘Save Entry’.

To enter the next day, click "Add new" and you will get the form already partially populated with the first 3 sections of the previous entry. You then have only the Locations sections to complete. The date defaults to the day you are completing the form, ready for you to amend.

If your training was cancelled, email SWHQ-Ten-Tors-MAILBOX@mod.gov.uk so your record can be deleted.

Last updated 12/02/2019

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