Year of Green Action 2019

Wed 3 Oct 2018: Ten Tors Briefing Day

The Establishments selected to take part in Ten Tors 19 are listed here: for the Ten Tors Challenge (TTC) and here: for the Jubilee Challenge (JC). If you have not been allocated the place(s) you requested you will have been added to the Reserve List. We can accept teams from the reserve list as close as 3 weeks before the Event and in 2017 more than 50 teams originally on the reserve list took part.

The next step is to attend the mandatory Briefing Day on 13 Oct 18 at Okehampton Camp, EX20 1QP. Consider the following when choosing your representation:

  1. Representatives must be available in Okehampton Camp for the whole of the period 0900 – 1600 on 13 Oct 18; except in exceptional circumstances early departure will result in forfeiture of the Establishment’s place(s) on Ten Tors.
  1. Only one representative is permitted per Establishment.
  1. It is expected that Representatives will be present at Okehampton Camp for the duration of the Ten Tors Event in May 19.
  1. Attendance is mandatory even if Establishments are only on the Reserve List; exceptions will not be given.

The programme for the day can be found here. Please note that in contrast to previous years car passes will not be issued and there is no cost to attend the briefing.

What to do next:

  • Read through the Ten Tors Rules here. These have been updated and therefore should be studied closely.
  • Print off the Assurance & Attendance Certificate here, arrange for completion and hand it in on arrival on 13 Oct 18.
  • Ensure you allow plenty of time to travel to Okehampton Camp: the entrance will be busy! Also be aware that some GPS systems do not give accurate directions to the Camp so in the finest traditions of Ten Tors use them as an aid to navigation – the Camp is well signed from Okehampton Town Centre.

We look forward to seeing you at the Briefing and if you have any queries please email us at

Last updated 05/10/2018

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