Year of Green Action 2019

Fri 26 Apr 2019: Ten Tors Training 27-28 Apr 19

This weekend many establishments will be carrying out their final training before the Event. The Moor will be busy and we need to take particular care and be considerate of other users. Key points to consider include:

Stock. Lambing and Calving is in full swing. Animals are sensitive and protective. Farmers are tired having spent many sleepless night caring for their animals. Please avoid all stock, do not touch any young and give a friendly greeting to the commoners and other users of the Moor.

Birds. It’s also the time of year when birds are nesting and sitting on their eggs. Do not enter Rare Bird Nesting Areas and, where possible, stick to existing walked routes.

Traffic. Dartmoor's narrow lanes and carparks may be crowded. Do not use Lane End unless essential; use Willsworthy carpark instead. Leave room for other carpark users.

Camping. Spread the load. Leave space between pairs of tents. Site tents out of sight of roads and habitation, and away from watercourses.

Safety Controls and Checkpoints. To reduce wear and tear, avoid use of the Safety Control and Checkpoints used for the Challenges. Remember the route from Fernworthy to Water Hill remains of Bounds so that we can use it for the Event.

Road Traffic. Only walk on roads if essential. If you must, then ensure that High Visibility tabards are worn and that walkers use the correct side of the road in order to protect the reputation of Ten Tors.

Lane End. Do not use the middle leat bridge. Let that route recover ready for the Challenge.

Congratulations to ten Tors trainees, who have done really well this year. However, the Environmental Compliance Monitors will be out in force to identify the few walking groups that fail to comply with the Ten Tors Rules.

Last updated 26/04/2019

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