Ten Tors Challenge

Fri 2 Mar 2018: Ten Tors Training

Training on Dartmoor. Team Managers are reminded that they do not have to complete training that has been notified via your Dashboard to the Ten Tors Team. This is especially important when weather, river and moor etc conditions are not acceptable to the Establishment/Team Manager. If you cancel training, please notify SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk on or before the date so that the training can be deleted from our records. This will enable you, in due course, to inform us of new dates and remain within the limit of 4 days on the North Moor between 1 Feb and the Event.

Quantity of Training. As most Establishments will have cancelled their training this weekend 3 – 4 March 2018, attention is drawn to Ten Tors Rule 47 Before starting, participants are required to qualify for the Ten Tors Challenge by: 47.1 Carrying out a structured and progressive programme of training, including as an absolute minimum at least 4 days of training [and] two nights of wild camping on Dartmoor, and team experience of independent walking. This is a mandatory Ten Tors Challenge safety requirement so may require some re-programming by Team Managers.

Last updated 02/03/2018

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