Ten Tors Challenge

Thu 22 Feb 2018: Training update

Team Managers. As we are fast approaching the Event, Team Managers are reminded that, as per Rule 3, they will berequired to assure the Director that all participants are eligible to participate … have trained together and are sufficiently trained, physically prepared and suitably equipped to complete the Challenge unaided even in adverse conditions’. Training should be undertaken with this in mind.

Okehampton Camp parking. Unfortunately there will now be no parking within Okehampton Camp for the duration of training for Ten Tors 18.

Ten Tors Award Application. If Heads of Establishments would like to nominate a member of their staff for a Ten Tors Award the closing date is the 20 April 2018. The application form is held within the Training tab under forms, cards and notices.

Last updated 02/03/2018

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