Year of Green Action 2019

Fri 26 Apr 2019: Where's To Quiz – Competition closure delayed to Tues 30 Apr 19

We hope you have enjoyed and learnt from the observational quiz for participants in Ten Tors training. The book, which is still available here, will be a wonderful record of your training experience that we hope will continue to foster your love of and respect for Dartmoor.

As half term has just finished, Team Managers won't have had enough time to examine the booklets and to submit the best of them for the prize competition. We have therefore revised the dates; the competition will end on Tuesday 31 April 2019. Team managers should then select the best of their Walkers’ booklets and send them to Ten Tors, Okehampton Camp, OKEHAMPTON EX20 1QP by Friday 3 May 2019. The rules of the competition are on the inside front cover of the Booklet. We doubt that anybody will get 100% of the answers right despite googling, reading and observation, so please do enter. All booklets submitted will be returned to the Team Managers during the Event for passing back to the owners.

Last updated 26/04/2019

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