The Beacon Training Video can be found here.

Limitations on use of Dartmoor for Ten Tors training

1. Archerton. Stay on the bridleway around Archerton at SX 640791: do not allow walkers to stray onto private driveways.

2. Tor Royal. The track from Tor Royal SX 600732 to Bullpark SX603734 is NOT a public right of way and is not to be used.

3. Water Hill. To give the worn tracks time to recover, the area depicted below is not to be used for Ten Tors training. However, having rested the area, Water Hill will be available for use as a checkpoint for the Challenge.

4. Standon Farm and the surrounding area are Out Of Bounds whilst training for Ten Tors. The building is located in enclosed land and may be in use for military training at any time and without any warnings being displayed. Walking Groups may use the permissive path between Standon Steps at SX 539816 South along the River Tavy to the Access Land at SX 541814.

5. Parking. The restriction on parking in a carpark if it is already more than half-full of other Ten Tors-related vehicles, does not apply at Willsworthy carpark as it is owned by the MOD.

6. Okehampton Camp Apex. The unfenced open ground to the North of Okehampton Camp Apex Junction centred on St Michael’s Bungalow at SX59059363 is OOB. Establishments are to take particular care to ensure that walkers do not use the area for loo stops before or after walking.

7. Car Park at Gutter Tor\Scout Hut. The car park at SX 578672 is seriously pot-holed and several holes are deep and clay-filled, TM’s are to be careful if they're planning on parking there.