I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Secretary Major Simon Payne. This follows the departure of Major Dave Pickering who has had a change of direction with his career to become a primary school teacher. I am sure you would like to thank him for his efforts and wish him the very best for the future.

Major Simon Payne, a long serving reservist and a retired Police Officer is going through a handover period and will be working with the rest of the team as from the 20th October. He will be based in Wyvern barracks in Exeter working alongside the SO3 Ten Tors, who many of you will have met; Warrant Officer Erica Butler.

As soon as he settles in he will want to get out and about and familiarise himself with Ten Tors and get to meet as many people as possible.

He can be contacted on the SO2 Ten Tors contact details as before: Mobile number ( 07901 227371) and e mail address: 1ARTYX-SW-TenTors-SO2@mod.uk

Lt Col Peter Bates


TT Secretary's Notices

Thu 8 Oct — BRIEFING 0900 SAT 10 OCT

Car passes and reminders have been e mailed to Team Managers. Specifically don't forget to bring the Assurance Certificate signed by your Head of Establishment. Any problems, please ring 01392 49 2507 before Erica deploys to Okehampton Camp at 1300 Friday.

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As a result of questions received, the Ten Tors Rules require a minimum of one qualified leader per Team entered. For Scout Association teams, the following are required:

• a leader with a minimum of a T1 Hillwalking Permit to Supervise or

• a leader with a minimum of a T1 Hillwalking Permit to Lead.

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Tue 29 Sep — TEN TORS BRIEFING DAY - 09:00hrs 10th OCTOBER 2015



"As previously mentioned the next step for those Establishments selected to take part in Ten Tors 8-9 May 2016 is the Team Manager’s Briefing Day starting at 0900 hours on 10 October 2015 at Okehampton Camp. Each participating Establishment must be represented at each of the Ten Tors Challenge and Jubilee Challenge by a Team Manager, or Deputy Team Manager or Group Leader, who will be present at Okehampton during the Challenge. Only one place is available for each Establishment although if you wish to send an additional representative then you can on the condition you email 1ARTYX-SW-TenTors-SO2@mod.uk in good time, in order that we are able to cater for additional numbers.

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Apologies for the delay in releasing the Ten Tors Challenge team allocations and the Jubilee Challenge team and individual allocations. On Tuesday 22 September the Selectors examined all the Ten Tors 2016 entries and reviewed Establishments’ performance over the past 3 years. The Ten Tors Challenge teams selected are at Ten Tor Teams and those teams/individuals accepted for the Jubilee Challenge at Jubilee Challenge Teams.

You will see that some entries are accepted and others are in the ‘Awaiting Qualification’ column. ‘Awaiting Qualifications’ is because the Selectors need more information from some of the Establishments. Amendments must be input by 2359 Sun 11 Oct. The Selectors will reconvene on Tue/Wed 13/14 Oct to allocate the remaining Ten Tors Challenge places.

Jubilee Challenge. The Team Manager has been e mailed to request the information needed. Upon receipt of acceptable information, the team/individual will be allocated. Many have already responded enabling queries to be resolved for which many thanks.

Ten Tors Challenge. Because of the number of queries raised by the Selectors, Team Mangers are requested to check their on line entries to ensure that they have provided all the required information. Common faults are:

  • The details of one qualified person per team hasn’t been input. See Ten Tors Rule 2 To safeguard the reputation of Ten Tors, the Head of Establishment must assure the Ten Tors Director that at least one member of each team's management is competent and currently qualified to conduct relevant training with teenagers in ‘upland moorland’ terrain. Advice on suitable qualifications is available in the Ten Tors Guidance Booklet. If you have insufficient qualified adults, you may change the teams entered for each distance by e mailing 1ARTYX-SW-TenTors-Mailbox@mod.uk.
  • Scout or Explorer teams’ entries must comply Scout Association rules - POR. If you're to undertake the team training required by the Ten Tors Rules, you and/or your leaders must hold the POR-required Scout Association Permits and/or the lightweight expeditioning or ‘Green Fields’ Nights Away authorisations.
  • If your team is CCF, please include CCF in the Establishment name.
  • Scout qualifications are only applicable to Scout Establishments. They are not applicable to Guides, who use MT and SWMMLTS qualifications. Nor are Scout qualifications applicable to Schools and independent establishments

In addition, please check that:

  • Establishment Name: Max 30 characters. Use lower case with, where applicable first letter of each word in capitals. To assist indexing, do not include ‘The’ as first word and only include if ‘The’ essential.
  • County: Use lower case with first letter capitalised. Torbay and Plymouth are in the county of Devon. The county of Bristol and North East Somerset should be entered as BANES. Abbreviate Hampshire as Hants.

If you need advice on amending your Establishment details, please e mail 1ARTYX-SW-TenTors-Mailbox@mod.uk or, if your e mail isn’t answered in 2 working days, ring 01392 492507 during normal working hours. Also e mail if you wish to change your entries as you cannot do that on-line.

The next key event is for the Team Manager or a Deputy to attend the Briefing at Okehampton Camp on Sat 10 Oct 15. Watch these Notices for further information.

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Commander Headquarters 1st Artillery Brigade & South West


Ten Tors is open to teams of six, in any male/female combination - aged between 14 and 19 - from schools, youth organisations (Scouts, Guides, Youth Clubs) and Service cadets based in the seven Counties of South West England.

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