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Ten Tors registration - For those that need to update their information (such as qualifications and participants).
The closure deadline for pre registration is 23:59 Wed 29 Apr 15.


TT Secretary's Notices

Fri 17 Apr — Message from the DNPA

Dartmoor dry weather warning

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Wed 15 Apr — Key information


As we approach the Big Day(s) things are moving at pace and as a result I will drip feed you information which, I believe, is pertinent to the success of Ten Tors:

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Wed 8 Apr — Training notes

Two important notes:

  1. Please make sure that you close all gates when on the moor.
    I am still receiving complaints from landowners that their gates are being left open and in some cases farm animals are escaping.

  2. Limitations on training on the North Moor apply to any day from 1 Feb.
    A rumour is going around that some Team Managers think the 4 day limitation on training on the North Moor (TT Rule 37) applies only to weekends. Not true! The limitation applies 7 days a week from 1 Feb until the Event. Please don’t try to take advantage over other teams.

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Tue 7 Apr — Ten Tors Challenge Routes

The 2015 Routes chart has had a few minor amendments to layout, the Crash Times and the name of Ockment Hill. Use of Okement Hill’s older name will help to differentiate it from Oke Tor. The routes are unchanged.

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Mon 30 Mar — Pre-registration

PRE REGISTRATION Team Manager’s Action before 2359 Wed 29 Apr 15 when Pre Registration closes.

Ten Tors Challenge Pre Registration is open. Go to Registration from the top right of the home page or click on http://www.tentors.org.uk/admin/ . Log in with your e mail address and password, as you did when entering then, under Teams Allocated, click on each of your teams. Please complete Pre Registration with:

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Ten Tors is open to teams of six, in any male/female combination - aged between 14 and 19 - from schools, youth organisations (Scouts, Guides, Youth Clubs) and Service cadets based in the seven Counties of South West England.

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