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Welcome to the Ten Tors 2018 web site. You can look back on Ten Tors 2017 and previous years in the archive.

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TT Secretary's Notices

Mon 27 Nov 2017 — Get Your Ten Tors Pics for Christmas - order before the 18th December

Memories of a wonderful Ten Tors 2017

For anyone wanting to buy Ten Tors prints in time for Christmas - they should order before the 18th December please

The Ten Tors Challenge photos are here:

Ten Tors Photo Fit Pictures

And the Jubilee Challenge images are here:

Jubilee Challenge Photo-fit Pictures

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A reminder that the Outline Training Programme is to be submitted by Team Managers to the Ten Tors Mailbox by all Establishments by 31 Jan 18.

The Ten Tors Training On Dartmoor Programme is to be submitted to the Ten Tors Mailbox by the Wednesday preceding the training starting from 10 January for the weekend 13/14 January.

The forms are at http://www.tentors.org.uk/training/forms-cards-and-notices . The use of the programmes is described on the forms. Please complete the forms without changing the format and only send the part you have completed so that we can insert it straight into the master. In addition to your Estb Code and name, please include in the Subject ‘Outline Training Programme’ or ‘Dartmoor Training Programme’ as applicable.

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To address concerns for Dartmoor’s precious environment, some limitations have been agreed with the National Park Authority. Rob Steemson, who has been coordinating action, emphasises that while Ten Tors may contribute to wear and tear, it is only one of Dartmoor’s uses that can cause environmental damage.

A reminder of Ten Tors Rule 34 - Route Selection. To spread wear on the countryside whilst training, Team Managers are strongly encouraged to use areas other than Dartmoor, including both lowland and other local moorland areas, to select sites other than the tops of tors as checkpoints, and to make use of public rights of way. Care must be taken not to damage areas that are protected as Scheduled Monuments, Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Rare Bird Nesting Areas.

Nesting birds versus erosion. In selecting where you walk, it is preferable to stick to existing paths and tracks rather than to spread out, which is likely to disturb ground nesting birds.

Safety Controls and Checkpoints. The locations used for the Ten Tors Challenge get more wear than other areas. Please avoid them, particularly the moor end of the Fernworthy bridleway and Sittaford Tor.

Lane End. The frequently used route between the Lane End car park and the Nattor Down Leat bridge SX540825 becomes muddy after rain owing to seepage from the leat, exacerbated by storms, gorse channelling access and heavy use. The state of the area will be monitored and direction given if the other Leat bridges are to be used.

Postbridge Driftway. Thanks in part to your Donations for Dartmoor, considerable work has been completed to restore access to the Driftway, which is the bridleway between the west of the Postbridge Visitor Centre along the west bank of the East Dart and the gate at the beech hedge.

Hartyland Access Land. Although the field SX646792 is access land, to reduce wear, please stick to the public footpath that traverses the east and north edge rather than taking a diagonal line through the field.

Hartland Tor. Restoration work is being carried out on Hartland Tor’s water eroded paths. Please follow the direction given by the signs, which will keep you to the east of the Tor. Alternatively, make use of the Higher Merripit – Stannon track, which we have the farmer’s agreement to use.

Water Hill. To give the worn tracks time to recover, the area depicted below is not to be used for Ten Tors training. However, having rested the area, Water Hill will be available for use as a checkpoint for the Challenge.

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Tue 14 Nov 2017 — PAYMENTS

To enable Team Managers to plan, here is forewarning of the key points on Ten Tors 2018 payments.

The entry fees will be same as last year; £165 for TTC per team and £12.75 per individual for JC.

The payment site will open in Your Dashboard on 3 Jan 18 and close at 2359hrs 31 Jan 18.

As requested by TMs, ‘Invoice’ will appear on the request for payment, which will also be printable.

£1 per participant for Donate for Dartmoor will be included in the Invoice and can be adjusted down or, preferably, up by the TM.

Payments should be made by Paypal with BACs only being used (with Estb Code and Name as a reference eg TT1111StT) if this is impossible. Cheques can no longer be accepted.

Successful payments will be indicated on the Team Lists.

Late payment will result in the entry being rejected.

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Tue 14 Nov 2017 — TEN TORS ENTRIES

After a long slog, nearly all entries have been accepted or dealt with. However, if your entry is recorded incorrectly on the Website’s TTC or JC Team List or it is in a query column or marked with a letter in the Notes column, The Team Manager needs to e mail SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk immediately (not forgetting to put your Estb Code and Estb Name in the subject) if we are not already sorting the problem out. The entry process has taken far too long this year and we must improve it, as it has prevented other essential work from being completed.

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