Ten Tors Challenge

TT Secretary's Notices

Thu 23 Mar 2017 — TEN TORS TRAINING

Well done everyone for caring for Dartmoor and being considerate to other users. Thank you to the Compliance Monitors, National Park Rangers and Volunteer Wardens, who are out and about to help you keep to the Ten Tors Rules and agreements with landowners, the Authority and commoners. You are achieving about 80% compliance judged from over 313 contacts made with walking groups. Thank you also to the Team Managers who are responsible for the safety of your training.

The key points for compliance are on the Home Page of this website and are also in the Aide Memoire Green Card. Particular infringements causing concern are:

Ten Tors Training on Dartmoor 2017 not submitted to SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk by Wed before the training.

Wild camping in view of a road and habitation.

Establishment Code neither displayed in vehicles nor easily visible on 2 rucksacks per walking group.

Poor route cards and no escape routes.

Parking on the open moor near Okehampton Camp. Please do park in the Camp at the east end of the Parade Square away from the helicopter landing site. The Camp is open this weekend. You will need to sign in at reception.

Playing music that others can hear.

And do please say a cheery hello to those you meet also enjoying and working on Dartmoor.

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Mon 20 Mar 2017 — IN THE NEWS

Rebecca Thorne describes her experience of this inspirational event 'In the News'

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GOOD NEWS! All of the reserve teams have been allocated the places they requested and 2 additional teams. Apologies that this was much later than planned but failure by 60 Establishments to pay on time meant that we didn’t know how many places could be allocated. Please note that we won’t be so lenient next year because of the adverse knock on impact on teams wanting to have certainty of how many teams to train for.

There are still a few places available for allocation. Let us know if you want one of them by e mail to. SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk .

The following action is required by the following Establishments:

1270 Blackdown, 1306 Cabot, 1324 41F ATC, 1114 Bryanston, 1084 Churchers, 1119 DHSG, 1415 Exmouth, 1170 Godolphin1263 Newton Abbot, 1223 Portsmouth GS, 1389 Richard Lander, 1115 Truro Expl, 1231 Twynham, 1072 Wycliffe & 1396 Dawlish Sc.

  1. Check that the amendment to the website’s Team List is correct.
  2. Inform SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk if you wish to withdraw the allocated team, which will incur no payment.
  3. Pay the non-refundable fee for your additional allocated team following the instructions in the 2 Dec 16 Ten Tors Notice. PayPal is by far the best method of payment. Do ensure that your Estb Code and Name are used in the reference or, if you must use a cheque write on the reverse. Failure to pay by 17 Mar will result in the withdrawal of the additional team. You will know when we have received the fee as the payment tick will reappear against your Establishment on the Team List.

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CMs have spent 67 days on Dartmoor since the middle of January, and have made contact with over 120 walking groups. The level of compliance is already better than last year and Team Managers should be congratulated on the efforts they and their walking groups have made to follow the guidance issued. Just under three-quarters of groups encountered are fully compliant - but around a quarter are not. With many establishments moving towards their groups walking unaccompanied, the CMs would like to remind that 2 members of each group should be carrying Green Cards and showing rucksack ID panels, should have maps with the RBNAs clearly and indelibly marked on them, and must be able to show a detailed route card which has escape routes and a 'lost contact' plan on it. Vehicles must display the Establishment Code on their windscreens.

With the Challenge getting closer, more and more groups are using Dartmoor and it is vital that Team Managers complete and send in Weekend Training plans so that we know who is on which part of the moor. March will continue to bring challenging and changeable weather, so please ensure your groups are all properly equipped and be prepared to change your plans and routes if conditions demand. Good luck with your training and see you on the moor!

Please do read through the notes on the Website Home page to help you comply with the Ten Tors Rules.

And a reminder of the effectiveness of SARLOC if a member of a walking group is carrying a smart ‘phone. . An Establishment called 999 for the police last weekend as a walking group were lost with some suffering the onset of exposure. SARLOC was used to locate them - see Action on Emergencies during Ten Tors Training 17 The police coordinated the Okehampton section of the Dartmoor Rescue Group (DRG) to make contact and the St Athan SAR helicopter to pick up and take the casualties to hospital where they were checked over before being returned to their Team Manager. The others were walked off by DRG, who congratulated the group on efficiently following the correct procedures.

Andy Waters and the CM team.

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Apologies for the delay in allocating reserve teams. This has been caused by 60 incorrect or delayed payments as at the deadline of 31 January 2017, which has prevented us from knowing how many additional teams we could allocate. Even now we are still trying to identify payments allegedly made by 4 Establishments and one unidentified payment. The key point is that payments by PayPal caused no problems because it is straightforward providing the Team Manager hadn't changed. Cheques and BACS suffered from TMs paying the incorrect amount, paying the wrong account, sending cheques to the wrong address, not including the required reference, and assuming that someone else had paid. Other Establishments failed to inform us that they no longer required the teams allocated. And all this when we are planning the Event and are short of one of our organisers!

However, at last we have the full picture to put in front of the Selectors so that they can allocate the Reserve places. We anticipate that we will announce the additional allocations early next week. Given that there are only 412 paid allocated teams, you can be optimistic - providing the Establishment meets the criteria.

If any other Establishments wish to apply to be added to the Reserve for consideration, please e mail SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk with your Estb Code and Name in the Subject. Criteria that will be considered include; No Establishment may have more than 2 teams at any one distance and there must be a qualified walking leader for each team. The Selectors will also consider geographical spread and type of Establishment.

Finally, we were concerned last year that some of the B teams were of a decidedly lower standard than the A team. As we explained at the Team Managers' Briefing, we expect both teams to be both competent to succeed in the Challenge and with balanced ability.

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Tue 31 Jan 2017 — TEN TORS PAYMENTS

TTC and JC Team Managers should check the Lists at TenTors Teams & Jubilee Challenge Teams pages of the website. If your Establishment isn't ticked, we haven't received your payment. It's due by midnight tomorrow, Tuesday. If you have a problem that we haven’t already discussed, e mail SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk. Don’t forget to put your Estb Code and Name in the Subject. If you’ve forgotten where to find the request look at Entry/Payments for Ten Tors 2017 . Now here’s a challenge, who has paid by BACS with DevonCC or School Bank as a reference

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Sun 29 Jan 2017 — Lost Phone Owner Found

The owner of the phone has been identified and it has been returned to a grateful and relieved Devon and Somerset Wing of the Air Training Corps.

Many thanks for finding it and informing the Ten Tors Secretary so that it could be returned.

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Fri 27 Jan 2017 — Nokia Mobile phone found at Willsworthy

Nokia Mobile phone found at Willsworthy on 17 December 2016. If you've lost it, please e mail SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk

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Mon 23 Jan 2017 — FIRE PREVENTION

A big thank you to the Ten Tors walkers and their Team Manager for alerting me to a small fire they noticed south of Dinger Tor on the afternoon of Saturday 21 January. A National Park Ranger and some members of the public were able to deal with the incident quickly, which avoided the fire spreading and the Fire Service attending. With the moor dry albeit cold, the fire risk is AMBER, so small fires can rapidly turn into a destructive blaze.

Please continue to be observant and careful whilst you are out on Dartmoor and report anything of concern or interest to me via rsteemson@dartmoor.gov.uk or 07711 856206.

Thank you

Rob Steemson

Head Ranger, Dartmoor National Park Authority

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WHOOPS, we failed to change the Ten Tors Secretary’s address on the form at http://www.tentors.org.uk/training/forms-cards-and-notices . If you have already submitted the Outline Training Form to our old address, please send it again to the correct address SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk Remember the deadline is 2359 hours sat 21 Jan 17 as we have a lot of work to do before meeting with the National Park Authority and others.

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