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TT Secretary's Notices

Wed 14 Mar 2018 — Training update!!!

* With immediate effect the Lanehead - Nattor Down Leat bridge (SX540826) is not to be used until further notice. Instead, they should use the Leat bridge at SX543824, the leat bridge at SX538828 or use the public footpath to Willsworthy from SX533816.

* The Nodden Gate track is deeply rutted and unsuitable for vehicles. Please either ask the Landlord of the Fox & Hounds for permission to use his Car park, use A386 lay-bys or, use High Down SX525853 as a check point with vehicle access


Fri 2 Mar 2018 — Ten Tors Training

Training on Dartmoor. Team Managers are reminded that they do not have to complete training that has been notified via your Dashboard to the Ten Tors Team. This is especially important when weather, river and moor etc conditions are not acceptable to the Establishment/Team Manager. If you cancel training, please notify SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk on or before the date so that the training can be deleted from our records. This will enable you, in due course, to inform us of new dates and remain within the limit of 4 days on the North Moor between 1 Feb and the Event.

Quantity of Training. As most Establishments will have cancelled their training this weekend 3 – 4 March 2018, attention is drawn to Ten Tors Rule 47 Before starting, participants are required to qualify for the Ten Tors Challenge by: 47.1 Carrying out a structured and progressive programme of training, including as an absolute minimum at least 4 days of training [and] two nights of wild camping on Dartmoor, and team experience of independent walking. This is a mandatory Ten Tors Challenge safety requirement so may require some re-programming by Team Managers.


Thu 22 Feb 2018 — Inputting the training on Dartmoor programme

Thanks to great efforts by JCSys, who manage the Ten Tors Website for us, we are able to introduce the promised automated Training on Dartmoor input form. This will generate the report that is compiled weekly for all training within the Dartmoor National Park. As you know, It is made available to the Police, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams, Dartmoor National Park Authority Rangers and Ten Tors Officials to assist in the event of an emergency, incident, complaint or non-compliance with the Ten Tors Rules. In addition statistics derived from the Form are used to check compliance with our agreements with landowners and Statutory Bodies.

To enter the details of your Training on Dartmoor;

Log in through your Dashboard.

Click ‘Add New’. Complete the fields in accordance with the guidance given. If you miss out a mandatory field, you will be reminded to go back to complete that field when you click on ‘Save Entry’.

To enter the next day, click "Add new" and you will get the form already partially populated with the first 3 sections of the previous entry. You then have only the Locations sections to complete. The date defaults to the day you are completing the form, ready for you to amend.

If you have a problem or suggestion, please e mail SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.uk. Your comments on this innovation, which will help to ensure accuracy and reduce the time taken to prepare the list, will be appreciated.


Thu 22 Feb 2018 — Training update

Team Managers. As we are fast approaching the Event, Team Managers are reminded that, as per Rule 3, they will berequired to assure the Director that all participants are eligible to participate … have trained together and are sufficiently trained, physically prepared and suitably equipped to complete the Challenge unaided even in adverse conditions’. Training should be undertaken with this in mind.

Okehampton Camp parking. Unfortunately there will now be no parking within Okehampton Camp for the duration of training for Ten Tors 18.

Ten Tors Award Application. If Heads of Establishments would like to nominate a member of their staff for a Ten Tors Award the closing date is the 20 April 2018. The application form is held within the Training tab under forms, cards and notices.


Wed 7 Feb 2018 — Where’s to? An observational quiz for Ten Tors

Ten Tors is privileged to be able to train on and complete the Challenges on Dartmoor. Our walkers are taught to care for Dartmoor and be considerate of other users. As a result of guidance by the Team Manager and staff, thousands of teenagers each year become ambassadors for the National Park.

To develop knowledge, the Quiz at Forms,Cards And Notices will encourage observation and knowledge of Dartmoor’s special qualities. It is suggested that Team managers print off the double sided pages and the walkers cut and fold them into A6 booklets. If a larger format is required, this is also at Forms,Cards and Notices

The conditions of the Quiz are printed on Page 2 of the Booklet. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category on Friday 11 May 2018


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