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Welcome to Ten Tors 2024

Welcome to the Ten Tors 2024 web site. You can look back on Ten Tors 2023 and previous years in the archive.


TT Secretary's Notices

Thu 15 Feb 2024 — TT24 Reserve Allocations

Dear TMs’,

Reserve places have now been allocated to Establishment Dashboards and the payment link has been re-opened. Please now go onto your Dashboard’s if you either missed the payment window or have been allocated reserve places. The payment window will close on Friday 23 Feb; Establishments’ that have not paid after this date will have their Teams removed.

Please check your Dashboards and if you see any errors email . Apologies if you have sent general enquires that have not been answered; the priority at this time is getting the team submissions correct.


Tue 13 Feb 2024 — Sleep & performance

The benefits of getting 7–9 hours of sleep per night

Sleep is essential to your health, wellness, and military performance. Getting enough sleep helps your perform at your best in all areas of Total Force Fitness (TFF)—physical fitness, mental fitness, social fitness, nutritional fitness, spiritual fitness, medical fitness, and financial fitness. Print out the graphic below for a quick reminder of all the reasons you have to prioritize sleep to optimize your performance.

See caption for alt text.


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Colonel Matt Palmer

Event photos from Ten Tors 2023 can be found online at This includes free downloads from the Ten Tors Volunteer Awards Ceremony.