TT Secretary's Notices

Thu 16 Jan 2020 — Ten Tors Shop

The shop is now open for business.

All the infomation of stock and the ordering procedure is under the Information tab.


Wed 15 Jan 2020 — Mapping updates

All teams are required to update their maps, the infomation is under the Rules tab in Annex A.


Tue 17 Dec 2019 — Where's To? - Quiz

This year's Ten Tors quiz is now available under the Information tab (Forms & Cards). It's available in 3 formats, Booklet, A4 and Interactive. To use the Interactive format, a PDF reader must be downloaded onto the device on which the quiz is being taken on.

Copies of the Where's To booklet will be printed and made available at various locations across Dartmoor, another notice in January will inform teams where these will be.


Thu 12 Dec 2019 — Team Managers' Guidance

The Team Managers' Guidance (under the Infomation tab) has been updated. It is though only guidance and it is reiterated that the responsibility for safe training lies with Establishments as detailed in the Ten Tors rules.


Mon 9 Dec 2019 — Official photos of Ten Tors 2019

If anyone would like to order photos from 2019 in time for Chrismas they must place an order by midnight on the 16 December from www.photo-fit.com.

Downloads are delivered by email as soon as payment's received.


Fri 15 Nov 2019 — Training Page

Prior to any training on Dartmoor, all Establishments are to check the Training Page under the Information tab for crucial or safety infomation.


Fri 15 Nov 2019 — Okehampton Camp Apex

The unfenced open ground to the North of Okehampton Camp Apex Junction centred on St Michael’s Bungalow at SX59059363 is OOB. Establishments are to take particular care to ensure that walkers do not use the area for loo stops before or after walking.


Wed 2 Oct 2019 — TT20 Entry Fees

The Ten Tors Policy Committee has agreed that the entry fees for TT20 shall be:

Ten Tors Challenge £180 per team

Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge £15 for each participant


Mon 30 Sep 2019 — Team Managers Brief 12 Oct 19

The Establishments selected to take part in Ten Tors 2020 are now available to be viewed under the relevant challenge tabs on the website.

The next step is to attend the mandatory Briefing Day starting at 0830 and finishing at 1215 on 12 Oct 2019 at Okehampton Camp, EX20 1QP. Consider the following when choosing your representation:

  1. Representatives must be available in Okehampton Camp for the whole of the period 0830 – 1215 on 12 Oct 19; except in exceptional circumstances early departure will result in forfeiture of the Establishment’s place(s) on Ten Tors.
  1. Only one representative is permitted per Establishment unless you have teams participating in both Challenges.

3. As per rule 24. TMs’ Briefing. The TMs’ Briefing is held in the October of the year preceding the Event at Okehampton Camp. Establishments must be represented by a suitable individual who will be present at Okehampton Camp throughout the Event and TMs must have attended a Briefing within the 3 years preceding the Event. Establishments entering Teams for both Challenges must have at least 2 representatives present. Attendance at the TM’s Brief is mandatory and failure to attend will result in Establishments being de-selected from the Event.

Please note that in contrast to previous years car passes will not be issued and there is no cost to attend the briefing. Lunch will not be provided; however hot refreshments and drinks (bring your own cup) will be available during the morning break.

What to do next:

  • Read through the Ten Tors Rules (including associated annexes and cards) on the website, these have been updated and therefore should be studied closely.
  • Print off the Assurance & Attendance Certificate here ,arrange for completion and hand it in on arrival on 12 Oct 19.
  • Ensure you allow plenty of time to travel to Okehampton Camp: the entrance will be busy! Also be aware that some GPS systems do not give accurate directions to the Camp so in the finest traditions of Ten Tors use them as an aid to navigation – the Camp is well signed from Okehampton Town Centre.

We look forward to seeing you at the Briefing and if you have any queries please email us at SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.gov.uk


Fri 27 Sep 2019 — Team Selections

The Ten Tors Selection Committee has now sat. We had a very high number of entries for the event this year and unfortunately the majority of requests for the Ten Tors Challenge have had to be pruned either by not allocating places or by placing teams on the reserve list. Team allocations are shown on the Teams page for each challenge.

If the page indicates that your places are Provisionally Allocated this means you have not completed all the required fields within your dashboard. Please now enter the necessary information and email the TT Sec at SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.gov.uk once this has been done. Please note that establishments that have not completed this process by Fri 4th October 2019 will have their places allocated to another establishment.

As a final reminder please remember that it is mandatory for every establishment to be represented at the Team Managers Brief on Sat 12th Oct. More details will be provided on Mon 30th Sep.


Mon 23 Sep 2019 — Entries Submitted deadline

The deadline for entries to be summitted via the TMs Dashboard is, 2359 hrs Tuesday 24 September 19.


Wed 4 Sep 2019 — Team Entries

Entries may now be submitted for Ten Tors 2020 through the TM's Dashboard. Please ensure you read the updated Rules (particularly Annex C) before applying.


Thu 29 Aug 2019 — Entries submitted date change

Establishments will now be able to request teams from the 04 Sept until 2359 hrs on the 24 Sept.


Thu 8 Aug 2019 — Mountain Training England – Recruitment of Qualification and Hill Skills Providers

Mountain Training England are currently recruiting for new providers of their qualification and skills course schemes. They would particularly welcome applications for the provision of Hill and Mountain Skills courses, which are open to participants aged 12 and above. The Hill Skills scheme might form a suitable training course for Ten Tors participants and could potentially be delivered by Team Managers to their own groups. The application details and form can be found here and information on the Hill Skills course can be found here. The deadline for applications is the end of August.


Wed 26 Jun 2019 — Date of Ten Tors 2020

With the change of next year’s Early May Bank Holiday to Fri 8 May 2020 in order to coincide with VE Day it has now been formally agreed that next year’s Ten Tors will be held over the weekend 1 – 3 May 2020.

We apologise that we have not been able to confirm this new date until now, however we have had to consult widely with numerous other stakeholders on Dartmoor and elsewhere before making this decision. Thank you for patience in the interim.