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TT Secretary's Notices

Wed 18 May 2022 — Where did you walk?

If you would like to see the routes your teams took during TT22, follow the link Where did you walk which will give instructions on how this can be achieved.


Wed 11 May 2022 — A message from the Event Director - Col Gary McDade

Ten Tors is back!

A massive well done to all who took part, to the adults who gave them the chance, and to the thousands of spectators who made the atmosphere at the finish line so fabulous. Thank you too to the hundreds of Service personnel and volunteers behind the scenes making sure that all aspects of the event ran smoothly and safely. I’m delighted that we were able to get things back to normal after a two year gap.

Ten Tors is unique, the role of Director is to be its Custodian for a short period, so the team and I will reflect on last weekend over the coming weeks before we start planning to ensure Ten Tors 2023 is just as good. See you there!

Below are this year's team statisitic's:


35 miles: 253 teams started, 241 teams successfully completed (95%)

45 miles: 103 teams started, 96 teams successfully completed (93%)

55 miles: 15 teams started, 11 teams successfully completed (73%)


R1: 21 teams (111 challengers) all successfully completed (100%)

R2: 15 teams (80 challengers) all successfully completed (100%)

R3: 11 teams (54 challengers) all successfully completed (100%)

R4: 6 teams (20 challengers) all successfully completed (100%)

JC+: 3 teams (19 challengers) all teams successfully completed with 1 fall out (100%)


Tue 10 May 2022 — Event Photos

The Ten Tors Challenge event photos will be available at the website later this week.

In the meantime, you may sign up with them directly for photo updates.


Sat 30 Apr 2022 — Event car passes

Weekend car passes can now be bought online in advance and are valid for the whole Ten Tors Event and cost £8 (cost if purchased on the day will be £10). Please follow this link:

Once paid, you will receive a pass via email which can either be printed or shown from a smart phone/device on arrival at Okehampton Camp.

Day passes can only be purchased on the day when arriving at Okehampton Camp at a cost of £5 via contactless payment machines.


Fri 22 Apr 2022 — Jubilee Challenge routes and rules update

The JC Routes have been slightly modified and are presented in a different format, which places responsibility on the Team’s Walking Leader to select a route between the Safety Controls that suits the abilities of the Challengers and the Accompanying Adults. You will find a map showing the Safety Controls and also a matrix listing the Safety Controls in the order they are to be visited here. This list will also be on the Team’s Control Card, which Team Managers will print on waterproof paper as part of Pre-Registration.

Ten Tors Rules 37, 38 and additional 39 have also been amended to clarify some of the requirements, which should help TMs with entering information during Pre-Registration.


Tue 12 Apr 2022 — No training on Dartmoor over the Easter Weekend

A polite reminder, as per the Green Card, we have agreed with the Dartmoor National Park that there is to be no training on Dartmoor over the Easter weekend (15 – 18 Apr 22).


Fri 1 Apr 2022 — Thank you from the Organisers

After a few negative reports and complaints recently, we are delighted to say that the ECMs met a number of teams last weekend and all were compliant and were acting within the rules and Green Card.

Thank you to all involved and keep up the good work.


Wed 23 Mar 2022 — Instagram

Ten Tors training is well underway, and it’s great to see so many establishments out on Dartmoor and their local areas. Please follow us on Instagram (#armytentors) and tag us in any posts that you put on your own social media, so that we can enjoy and share your training experiences.


Wed 16 Mar 2022 — Training points

As we are now well into the training for this year’s Ten Tors, team staff and walking groups should be well aware of the TT Rules, particularly those on the Green Card. At least one, with the Establishment details inserted, is to be carried by a member of each walking group. You must also observe the National Park Byelaws which can be found here.

If we do not care for and respect Dartmoor, we run the risk of losing support and consent to hold Ten Tors. Team staff should go through the Green Card again with your walking groups and ensure that they understand the importance for and reasons behind the Rules.

Issues that have arisen this year that require your specific attention are:

  • Gates have been left open allowing stock to escape onto the Moor or mix with other breeds which results in farmers spending days rounding up and sorting their animals out. The Green Card states ‘Close gates irrespective of how you found them’.
  • Lane End car park is tiny and should only be used by team minibuses for emergency pick-ups. The Green Card states ‘Be considerate of others in public carparks and leave at least half of the area for public parking’. The MOD’s Willsworthy Range carpark, not far from the TTC Safety Control, is not restricted and is an ideal pick up point.
  • Your vehicles must not be parked up in pub and other private carparks without the owner’s permission. For example, a minibus was parked up for the whole day in the Fox and Hounds carpark when a quick word would have gained permission to park in the camping field in the rear of the pub. Another was in the Postbridge Visitor Centre, when it should have been parked on the other side of the road, in the Bellever carpark.
  • Rare Bird Nesting Areas must be marked on maps and walkers should know why it is important to avoid these areas.
  • Establishment Codes aren’t clearly displayed on at least 2 rucksacks and on all Establishment vehicle dashboards. A growing number have rucksack covers printed - these need to be large with a bold enough print to be visible from a distance. The Green Card states that the panel should be A4 in size with Establishment Codes easily visible to ground observers. This suggests a font of at least 350.
  • Team Staff are responsible for the behaviour of their teams. There have been reports of rowdy conduct in camp sites.
  • Prior to any training, read the points under training on the Information tab.
  • Remind participants not to walk 6/7 abreast to minimise any disturbance to ground nesting birds where ever they are walking.


Wed 2 Mar 2022 — Dartmoor 500 word writing competition

Due to the success of the writing competition last year, the Ten Tors organisers would again like young people who have been inspired by Dartmoor to write about it in 500 words or less in the form of a writing competition. Your submission can be anything to do with Dartmoor – a poem, an essay or a story. Examples might include (but are not limited to) Ten Tors training, a family walk, a terrifying ghost story, either new or an old one retold, or simply a beautifully crafted piece describing this evocative landscape.


· Entrants must be between the ages of 14-19

· The subject must be Dartmoor-based

· The submission must be 500 words or less, excluding the title

· Entries must be enjoyable or inspiring to read

· Written pieces should be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party

· Deadline: Midnight Friday 8th April 2022

How to Enter

Send entries in a Word Document as an email attachment to

· Include your name, the establishment you are from and the title of the piece

· Entries will be forwarded to the relevant judges who will be some of the Ten Tors Committee


· The winner will have their work added to the Ten Tors website and it will be included with the brochure for all to read.


Tue 1 Mar 2022 — Director Ten Tors changes over

Colonel Neville Holmes MBE has handed over as the Army’s Commander South West and thus Director Ten Tors to Colonel Gary McDade.

Colonel Holmes has been promoted to Brigadier and is taking over as the Army’s head of cadets. We wish him the best of luck in his new post and look forward to seeing him again at this year’s Ten Tors in his new role.

Colonel McDade will be in post for three years and is looking forward to reinvigorating the Ten Tors Event after a two year gap due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking about his new post he said “I am delighted and privileged to be taking on this appointment, which brings a life-changing experience to so many. It is truly inspirational to see the participants and their establishments, the amazing volunteers who selflessly give up their time to support the Ten Tors, and the military personnel from across Defence who enable this fantastic Event. I am very excited to finally be able to celebrate the 60th Ten Tors Event alongside the 70th Anniversary of the Dartmoor National Park, and wish all those training for this year’s event the best of luck.”

More details on Colonel McDade can be found here: Colonel GA McDade (Gary)


Fri 4 Feb 2022 — Secretary’s points

Training on Dartmoor. Team Managers are to input the training details within their TM Dashboard by the Thursday prior to the training taking place. This will generate a report that is made available to the Police, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams, Dartmoor National Park Authority Rangers, Environmental Compliance Monitors and Ten Tors Officials, which will assist in the event of an emergency, incident, complaint or non-compliance with the Ten Tors Rules. In addition, statistics derived from the form are used to check compliance with our agreements with landowners and Statutory Bodies.

Limitations on use of Dartmoor whilst training. TMs are to familiarise themselves with the limitations for Ten Tors training. This can be found under the Information tab, sub-tab Training. This has been recently updated.

Environmental Compliance Monitors (ECMs). On the majority of weekends leading up to the event, Dartmoor National Park is monitored by Environmental Compliance Monitors, who assist the Organisers in ensuring that training on Dartmoor is environmentally sustainable by including various measures in the Ten Tors Rules. The ECMs will make themselves known to all groups that they meet and will either have a paper ID card or an electronic one on their mobile phone. Some of the most common issues they notice are:

  • Establishments are training without completing the Team Managers Training on Dartmoor Log.
  • RBNAs have not been marked on some maps.
  • The correct IDs are not being shown on rucksacks or in minibuses.
  • Not all groups are carrying Green Cards.

Green Card. Whilst training on Dartmoor, the Green Card must be carried by TMs, Group Leaders & Assistants, Walking Group Leader & Deputy.

Roads. Walking on roads is discouraged; however, if it’s unavoidable ensure that high visibility vests are worn and extra care is taken as otherwise walkers are liable to be a hazard to themselves and others.

Camping. You are reminded that walkers are not permitted to camp within 100 metres of water courses (including rivers).

Jubilee Challenge. There has been a JC rule update, please see the notice published on the website on 3 Feb 22.

Additional Teams. If an establishment would like to be considered for extra teams for this year’s event, please contact


Thu 3 Feb 2022 — Additional rules for the Jubilee Challenge

Additional rules have been added for the Jubilee Challenge:

20. Individual training requirement. Before the Event participants must complete a structured and progressive programme of training, which includes as a minimum:

a. 2 days of training at the distance the participants have been entered for (not applicable to wheelchair-bound participants).


d. The accompanying adults must be sufficiently fit and physically prepared for the Challenge so that they are able to provide support to the participants as required.


Fri 28 Jan 2022 — Where's To? Quiz

While you are training on Dartmoor or learning more about Ten Tors’ history, Dartmoor’s uses and its wonderful landscape, flora and fauna, have a look around you at the beautiful open moorland, understand it’s uses and how to care for it. You are the future custodian of this wonderful national treasure and, with knowledge, will become ambassadors for the responsible use of Dartmoor.

The latest version of the annual educational and observational quiz about things you need to know about Dartmoor has been published below or on the Ten Tors Website at Forms & Cards | Ten Tors. Three versions are available, the most useful for most is the downloadable inter-active digital copy, others might prefer to print off the pages and fold them into an A5 booklet and the third is a printable version with the pages in sequential order. You can use either of the versions to enter the quiz.

Prize winners will be those who score the highest points with the prizes being awarded on the Friday before the Event. Full details of the entry criteria are on Page 2 of the Quiz booklet.

Previous versions are available are available in the Ten Tors archive Ten Tors.

Where's To? booklet A5

Where's To? interactive

Where's To? single page


Mon 17 Jan 2022 — Volunteer Awards application form

The TT22 Volunteer Awards now closed.

The award is given to those who have made a significant contribution to Ten Tors for a minimum of 10 years.

The application must be completed by a HoE and emailed to not later that the 1st of April. Applications made after this date will not be accepted because the awards are made by an outside agency.

If an application has been received by the TT Team in 2020 or 2021, it will be highlighted in yellow within the Awards section under the About tab.


Mon 10 Jan 2022 — Reminder of the rules

Whilst an establishment is training (regardless of the location), the Ten Tors Organisers must be informed of any Ten Tors incident within 24 hours. Please see an extract from the rules below:

11. Incidents. The TM is responsible for ensuring that the Organisers are informed within 24 hours of any Ten Tors related incident that:

a. Involves the emergency services.

b. Results in hospital treatment.

c. May result in media coverage.

d. May lead to complaint from a 3rd party

The Ten Tors Organisers can be contacted via the email address or by using the Ten Tors Duty Officer mobile number from the 4th of February until the Event, all details are within the Green Card.