TT Secretary's Notices

Fri 15 May 2020 — Photo Collage

In recent years, the Ten Tors photographer has been Photo-fit Sports Event Photography. They now offer a new service in the way of a team collage that teams can design themselves from your own team’s photos to commemorate your achievement from previous years.

All the team photos are displayed on their website which the following link will take you to www.photo-fit.com.

The collage offer is valid during 2020: A4 print plus free bonus download.

For more information regarding team photos feel free to contact Photo-fit on enquiries@photo-fit.com.


Sat 2 May 2020 — Message from Colonel NR Holmes MBE

Please have a look at the Army in the South West Facebook page (link here), for a message from the Event Director, Colonel NR Holmes MBE.

If you don't have Facebook use the link here.


Tue 14 Apr 2020 — Frequently asked Q&As after the cancellation of this year’s event

Will our entry fees be refunded?

Establishments will be refunded their entrance fee less PayPal’s administrative charge. The returned fee will include any donations to Donate for Dartmoor: if your establishment would still like to contribute to this fabulous cause please do so by visiting Donate to Dartmoor.

We are still confirming exactly how refunds will be processed – details will be published on the website in due course.

Will the event take place in 2021?

We are planning to run the Event in 2021 as long as it safe and consistent with national policy to do so. Some of the timelines relating to next year’s event (such as some of the administrative deadlines, Team Mangers’ Brief etc.) may change however we will be as flexible as possible and put information on the website as necessary.

Can we keep our places for next year?

Next year will be a new event so it would be both too complicated and unfair on next year’s participants to allow this year’s allocations to simply roll over. That said we will do all we can to give those who might have attempted this year’s event a chance of attempting next year’s. Details of these measures will be published when applications open for next year’s event.

Will this year count towards Ten Tors awards?

This year will count towards the Ten Tors awards; however, no certificates will be issued until next year’s event. Any award applications that have been submitted for this year will be kept for next year.

Can we run our own challenge?

If establishments wish to run their own challenges they do so entirely at their own risk and no medals or certificates will be issued. If, once the national situation permits, you wish to organise an event on Dartmoor, please visit the DNPA website to ensure that you have the necessary landowners’ and other permissions.

Is there any way we can recognise the achievements of our trainees in training?

We are creating a certificate which will allow establishments to acknowledge the efforts of all those who trained for this year’s event. This will soon be available via the TM’s Dashboard.

Is the ‘Where’s To’ quiz still open?

The quiz will not go ahead as some establishments were intending to complete it subsequent to later training.



A statement from the Director Ten Tors, Colonel Neville Holmes MBE:

‘It is with regret that I announce that this year’s Ten Tors event will not go ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision has been made in line with current Government and clinical advice. I know that this will be a great disappointment to many however, given that safety is always our number one priority with Ten Tors, I hope it will not be a surprise. Although this year is the 60th Anniversary of Ten Tors, next year will now see the 60th event and so we look forward to celebrating this milestone with you all then. In the meantime, I would like to congratulate all those who have achieved so much whilst training for this year’s event and thank the hardworking teachers, leaders, parents and others who have enabled them to do so.’


Tue 10 Mar 2020 — COVID-19 and Ten Tors

The national situation with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak remains fluid and it is therefore too early to state exactly what impact it will have on the 60th Ten Tors. We are already instigating a number of measures to manage this risk and will evolve our planning considerations in line with Public Health England guidance; the safety and wellbeing of all those involved in Ten Tors remains our highest priority. We will seek to provide updates as the situation develops however, at this time, preparations continue.


Tue 10 Mar 2020 — Behaviour on Dartmoor

We have received a few complaints regarding teams’ behaviour whilst Ten Tors training on Dartmoor, each Individual must:

  • Only wild camp in permitted areas.
  • Ensure enclosed land is not being used without the permission of the landowner unless it is a Public Right of Way or Countryside and Right of Way public access land.
  • Take all litter home.
  • Read and understand the Green Card.


Fri 6 Mar 2020 — Ten Tors 60th Anniversary Celebrations

We are developing some projects to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ten Tors and need assistance.

One project is for a team to participate wearing the clothing and equipment used in the early 1960s and to display at the Finish of both the Jubilee Challenge and Ten Tors Challenge a demonstration of a team overnighting in those early days. We are seeking the loan of a military canvas 2 man bivouac, an army lightweight blanket, 2 shirts Khaki Flannel, 8 Army windproof trousers and jackets, an all green combat jacket and trousers, some balaclavas where the bottom part folds up to make a cap comforter, some capes as seen in the film 1917, a map case with board, perspex and canvas cover, some Army canvas gaiters and some gas capes; all circa 1950 early 1960s.

The second project is a chronological display of photographs and captions depicting Ten Tors’ history. We have access to the Denbury Days website images but are looking for more early images and action photographs from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s of the Challenge or training. The displays will also include some reminiscences of those who took part in Ten Tors describing in 5 lines or so what they gained from their Ten Tors’ experiences. Your description of what you got out of Ten Tors and what it has meant to your life should be matched with a portrait picture, your School or other establishment and the year(s) of participation.

If you are able to assist with clothing/equipment, photographs or reminiscences, please e mail SWHQ-TenTors-MAILBOX@mod.gov.uk with Ten Tors 60th Anniversary Celebrations as the subject. If you have a suitable item of clothing or equipment, please attach a picture so that we can check it is needed.

Dartmoor Magazine

You might be interested to read 2 informative articles about Ten Tors published in the Spring Edition of the Dartmoor Magazine. If it isn’t available in your local newsagent, contact enquiries@dartmoormagazine.co.uk.

Where’s To?

A reminder that entries for the Ten Tors Quiz are to be received by the Ten Tors Secretary electronically or by post by the 24 Apr 2020. Hard copy booklets will be returned during the Ten Tors weekend. Please note that on Page 3 the 4th question ‘What is it called?’ should read ‘What is its call?’


Tue 3 Mar 2020 — Annex A update

Additional Errata for Annex A - The track from SX 5343 8529 to SX 5334 8540 is an in bounds route through the RBNA.

Paper mapping should be updated accordingly.


Tue 25 Feb 2020 — Training Notice

Car Park at Gutter Tor\Scout Hut. The car park at SX 578672 is seriously pot-holed and several holes are deep and clay-filled, TM’s are to be careful if they're planning on parking there.

North Moor days. If an establishment decide not to train on the North Moor due to poor weather or for safety reasons, TM’s are to email the TT Sec for the days to be reimbursed.


Tue 25 Feb 2020 — Annex A

For Ten Tors 2020 Annex A is produced in paper mapping which has been distributed to Team Managers. Previous versions should be ignored and discarded. As detailed at the Team Manager’s Brief, the restrictions shown on the Ten Tors 2020 map are only in place for the Ten Tors weekend itself, with the exception of Rare Bird Nesting Areas which are out of bounds 1 March – 31 July.


Mon 24 Feb 2020 — Director Ten Tors changes over

Colonel Andrew Dawes CBE has handed over as the Army’s Commander South West and thus Director Ten Tors to Colonel Neville Holmes MBE.

Colonel Dawes has been promoted to Brigadier and is taking over as the Army’s senior officer in Wales. We wish him the best of luck in his new post and hope to see him again at future Ten Tors.

Colonel Holmes is no stranger to Ten Tors as he completed the 45 Miles Ten Tors Challenge in 1985 and has since worked on several Ten Tors events whilst serving in 6th Battalion The Rifles in Exeter. Speaking on his first day in his new post he said ‘It is a delight and privilege to take over as Director Ten Tors. Over the years I have spent much time on Dartmoor – the military training area is without a doubt my favourite one in the country – and I absolutely adore the place. I’ve also got fond memories of completing and helping to run previous Ten Tors weekends. I am now hugely looking forward to once again working with all those who enable this unique and inspirational expedition and wish all those training for this year’s event the best of luck.’

More details on Colonel Holmes can be found here Colonel NR Holmes (Neville) MBE.


Thu 16 Jan 2020 — Ten Tors Shop

The shop is now open for business.

All the infomation of stock and the ordering procedure is under the Information tab.


Wed 15 Jan 2020 — Mapping updates

All teams are required to update their maps, the infomation is under the Rules tab in Annex A.


Tue 17 Dec 2019 — Where's To? - Quiz

This year's Ten Tors quiz is now available under the Information tab (Forms & Cards). It's available in 3 formats, Booklet, A4 and Interactive. To use the Interactive format, a PDF reader must be downloaded onto the device on which the quiz is being taken on.

Copies of the Where's To booklet will be printed and made available at various locations across Dartmoor, another notice in January will inform teams where these will be.


Thu 12 Dec 2019 — Team Managers' Guidance

The Team Managers' Guidance (under the Infomation tab) has been updated. It is though only guidance and it is reiterated that the responsibility for safe training lies with Establishments as detailed in the Ten Tors rules.


Mon 9 Dec 2019 — Official photos of Ten Tors 2019

If anyone would like to order photos from 2019 in time for Chrismas they must place an order by midnight on the 16 December from www.photo-fit.com.

Downloads are delivered by email as soon as payment's received.


Fri 15 Nov 2019 — Training Page

Prior to any training on Dartmoor, all Establishments are to check the Training Page under the Information tab for crucial or safety infomation.


Fri 15 Nov 2019 — Okehampton Camp Apex

The unfenced open ground to the North of Okehampton Camp Apex Junction centred on St Michael’s Bungalow at SX59059363 is OOB. Establishments are to take particular care to ensure that walkers do not use the area for loo stops before or after walking.


Wed 2 Oct 2019 — TT20 Entry Fees

The Ten Tors Policy Committee has agreed that the entry fees for TT20 shall be:

Ten Tors Challenge £180 per team

Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge £15 for each participant