Ten Tors Challenge

Route Allocations

Below are the teams and route codes for Ten Tors 2017.

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35-mile routes

Name Event Code
1387 (Liskeard) Sqn ATC AA
13 (City of Exeter) Sqn ATC FB
197 (Devonport) Sqn ATC CA
20th Torbay Explorers BA
2171 (West Plymouth) Sqn ATC DA
2377 (Plympton) Sqn ATC EA
2381 (Ilminster) Sqn ATC HA
28th Kingswood Scout Group FA
3rd Exeter Air Scouts GA
781 (Newquay) Sqn ATC JA
874 (Sherborne) Sqn ATC A AP
874 (Sherborne) Sqn ATC B KA
A Coy, Gloucestershire ACF BP
Atrium Studio, The LA
Aude Sapere Expedition Society MA
Axe District Scouts NA
Barracuda Explorer Scouts OA
BathCommunityAcademy CB
Bedminster Down School AB
Beechen Cliff School BB
Blackdown Hikers A CC
Blackdown Hikers B DB
Blackdown Scout District EB
Blundells School A IA
Blundells School B GB
Bodmin College HB
Bournemouth School CCF JB
Bovey Tracey Scouts KB
Brabazon Explorer Scouts LB
Bristol & Glos Wing ATC A AC
Bristol & Glos Wing ATC B NB
Bristol Scouts OB
Bryanston School NC
Budmouth College CCF A MB
Budmouth College CCF B BC
Budmouth College CCF C KN
Cabot Scouts A OP
Cabot Scouts B DC

Camborne Science & Int Academy

Canford CCF C DQ
Canford School CCF A FC
Canford School CCF B AD
Castle School, The IC
Chew Valley School A KC
Chew Valley School B CD
Chipping Sodbury School MC

Chulmleigh Community College A


Chulmleigh Community College B

Churcher's College CCF A PC
Churcher's College CCF B HC
Claverham Community College BD
Clyst Vale Community College A LC
Clyst Vale Community College B DD
Colston's ED
Colyton Grammar School FD
Coombe Dean School GC
Coombeshead Academy HD
Cornwall ACF HQ (Rifles), The ID
Cotswold Edge Scouts - Zeus KD
Court Fields School LD
Cullompton Community College EE
Culm Valley Walkers A BE
Culm Valley Walkers B OD
Dart Trekkers A PD
Dart Trekkers B AE
Dartmoor Plodders ND
Dawlish Scouts CE
Devon ACF A MD
Devon ACF B FE
Devon and Somerset Wing ATC GQ

Devonport High School for Boys A


Devonport High School for Boys B

Devonport High School forGirls IE
Dorset & Wilts ATC JE
Dorset ACF KE
Downend District Scouts LE
Downside School CCF A DP
Downside School CCF B GD
East Devon Explorer Scouts ME
East Devon Walking Group NE
Erme and Yealm Valley HWC A AF
Erme and Yealm Valley HWC B PE
Exe Valley Ramblers A OE
Exe Valley Ramblers B BF
Exeter & District Scouts CF
Exeter Explorer Sea Scouts DF
Exeter School A FF
Exeter School B GE
Exmouth Community College A AG
Exmouth Community College B IF
Falmouth School JG
Godolphin School CCF A BG
Godolphin School CCF B LF
Gordano District Scouts MF
Gordano Scouts NF
Gordano XXX Explorer Scouts OF
Gordon's School CCF PF
Gryphon School, The A DG
Gryphon School, The B KF
Haldon Hillwalkers CG
Heathfield Community School A FG
Heathfield Community School B HG
Heles School CCF HF
Holsworthy Moorland Training A EF
Holsworthy Moorland Training B IG
Honiton Community College A JF
Honiton Community College B IH
Horizons Youth Centre A DH
Horizons Youth Centre B MG
Ilfracombe Academy, The NG
Ipplepen Scouts FH
Isca Academy A PG
Isca Academy B AH
Ivybridge Community College A LG
Ivybridge Community College B EG
John of Gaunt School, The A BK
John of Gaunt School, The B CH
Kilkenny Explorer Scouts A EH
Kilkenny Explorer Scouts B JC
King Edward VI, Totnes A OG
King Edward VI, Totnes B HH
King's Bruton CCF A KG
King's Bruton CCF B JH
Kings College, Taunton CCF A KH
Kings College, Taunton CCF B JD
King's School, The LH

Kingsbridge Community College A


Kingsbridge Community College B

Kingswood Explorer Scouts OH
Kingswood School A MI
Kingswood School B CI
Latvian Cadets AI
Launceston College A MH
Launceston College B BI
Leaf Academy CJ
Lipson Cooperative Academy DK
Liverton Scouts EI
Lyon House EO
Malago Walkers FP
Matravers School GH
Maynard School, The A FI
Maynard School, The B HI
Mendip Explorer Scouts II
Menheniot Explorer Scouts JI
Mid Devon Explorer Scouts KI
Mid Devon Youth HJ

Midsomer Norton School P'ship A


Midsomer Norton School P'ship B

Millfield School A GO
Millfield School B PI
Milton Abbey School OI
Monkton Combe CCF AJ
Mount Kelly Foundation BJ
National Trust Dartmoor, The CK
Newton Abbot College A EK
Newton Abbot College B EJ
North Dartmoor Explorer Scouts DJ
Okehampton College A GI
Okehampton College B LI
Okement Ramblers A IJ
Okement Ramblers B JJ
Orchard School Bristol LJ

Paignton Community & Sports Ac

Penrice Academy A PP
Penrice Academy B OL
Penryn College NL
Pilton Community College A EL
Pilton Community College B BM
Plymouth College A CM
Plymouth College B AQ
Plymouth District Scouts AM
Plympton Academy FM
Polar Explorer Scouts HM
Poltair School A GL
Poltair School B IM

Portsmouth Grammar School CCF

QE Academy Trust A KM
QE Academy Trust B CQ
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital A BQ
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital B LM
Radstock Youth MM
Ratcliffe School OM
Richard Lander School HN
River Teign Sea Scouts AN
RNLI Pinecliffe BN
Royal High School Bath CN
Shebbear College A DN
Shebbear College B EM
Sheldon School A FN
Sheldon School B NM
Sherborne School CCF GM
Sidmouth College A PM
Sidmouth College B IN
Somerset ACF JN
South Dartmoor College A GG
South Dartmoor College B LN

South Molton Community College A


South Molton Community College B

Spaniorum Explorer Scouts ON
St Augustine's Catholic Colleg BO
St Bartholomew's School CCF AO
St Cuthbert Mayne School A PN
St Cuthbert Mayne School B CO
St James School A DO
St James School B EN
St Joseph's School FO
St Peters School CCF GN
Stanchester Academy HO
Steiner Academy Exeter IO
Stover School JO
Sturminster Newton High School KO
Swanage School, The LO
Taunton Academy, The MN
Taunton Explorers NO
Taunton School OO
Tavistock & Dist Youth Forum PO
Tavistock College MK
Teign School A NK
Teign School B IP
Teign Valley Ramblers NJ

Teignmouth Community School A


Teignmouth Community School B

Tiverton High School A OK
Tiverton High School B HP
Torbay Scouts JP
Torpoint Community College DE
Torpoint Community College A IK
Torpoint Community College B KP
Torquay Academy PJ

Torquay Boys' Grammar School A


Torquay Boys' Grammar School B


Torquay Girls' Grammar School A

Torquay Girls' Grammar School B FL
Totnes Progressive School GF
Truro Explorer Scouts A LP
Truro Explorer Scouts B GJ
Truro School A GK
Truro School B IL
Twynham School A HL
Twynham School B DM
Uffculme School A HK
Uffculme School B OJ
Warminster School CCF KL
Wellington School A GP
Wellington School B KJ
West Exe School JL
Westbuckland School A JK
Westbuckland School B MP
Wiltshire ACF A KK
Wiltshire ACF B EP
Wiltshire ACF C LQ
Woodroffe School LK
Wraxall Explorers LL
Writhlington School A PA
Writhlington School B AL
Writhlington School CCF BL
Wycliffe College A AK
Yeo Troggs Explorer Scouts CL
Yeo Vale Explorers DL
Yeti Explorer Scouts FJ

45-mile routes

Name Event Code
Atrium Studio, The QA
197 (Devonport) Sqn ATC QC
Axe District Scouts QB
Bedminster Down School QD
Beechen Cliff School QE
Bideford College QF
Blundells School QG
Bovey Tracey Scouts QH
Brabazon Explorer Scouts QI
Bristol Scouts QJ
Budmouth College CCF QK
Chew Valley School QL
Chulmleigh Community College QM
Clifton College WJ
Clyst Vale Community College RA
Colston's RB
Colyton Grammar School A VO
Colyton Grammar School B RC
Coombe Dean School RE
Coombeshead Academy RF
Cornwall ACF HQ (Rifles), The RG
Cotham School TA
Cullompton Community College RH
Culm Valley Walkers RI
Dartmoor Plodders RJ
Devon & Somerset Wing ATC RK
Devonport High School for Boys RL
Devonport High School forGirls RM
Dorset & Wilts ATC RD
Downend District Scouts SA
East Devon Explorer Scouts SB
East Devon Walking Group SC
Exeter College SD
Exeter School VN
Exmouth Community College SE
Falmouth School SF
Gordano Scouts SG
Gryphon School, The UH
Heles School CCF SI
Honiton Community College SJ
Horizons Youth Centre SK
Ipplepen Scouts SL
Isca Academy SM
Ivybridge Community College WL
King Edward VI, Totnes TN
Kings College, Taunton CCF TC
King's School, The TD
Kingsbridge Community College TE
Kingswood Explorer Scouts TF
Launceston College TG
Lipson Cooperative Academy TH
Manor Court Club TI
Maynard School, The TJ
Milton Abbey School WH
Mount Kelly Foundation TK
National Trust Dartmoor, The TL
North Dartmoor Explorer Scouts UF
Okehampton College A UN
Okehampton College B QN
Park Community School, The UA
Pilton Community College UB
Plympton Academy UC

Portsmouth Grammar School CCF

QE Academy Trust A UE
QE Academy Trust B TM
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital A UG
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital B SH
Shebbear College UI
Sheldon School A UJ
Sheldon School B WK
Sidmouth College UK
Somerset ACF UL
South Dartmoor College UM

South Molton Community College

Spires College, The VA
St Augustine's Catholic Colleg VB
St James School VC
St Peters School CCF VD
Stover School WA
Taunton School VF
Tavistock & Dist Youth Forum VG
Tavistock College VH
Teign Valley Ramblers VI
Tiverton High School WD
Torquay Academy VK
Torquay Boys' Grammar School VL
Torquay Girls' Grammar School VM
Torridge Explorer Scouts WN
Truro Explorer Scouts WI
Uffculme School VE
Wellington School SN
Wiltshire ACF WB
Wiveliscombe Explorer Scouts WC
Woodroffe School A WE
Woodroffe School B VJ
Wraxall Explorers WF
Writhlington School CCF WG

55-mile routes

Name Event Code
2309 (Plymouth City) Sqn ATC XA
Aude Sapere Expedition Society XB
Axe District Scouts YA
Beechen Cliff School XD
Brabazon Explorer Scouts ZA
Budmouth College CCF XC
Chew Valley School ZB
Cotham School ZC
Culm Valley Walkers YB
Dart Trekkers YC
Dawlish Scouts YD
Devonport High School for Boys XF
Dorset & Wilts ATC ZQ
Downend District Scouts YF
Erme and Yealm Valley HWC ZD
Exeter College YM
Godolphin School CCF ZE
Gordano Scouts XE
Gryphon School, The ZF
Haldon Hillwalkers XG
Heles School CCF ZG
Holsworthy Moorland Training YG
John of Gaunt School, The XH
King Edward VI, Totnes ZH
Kings College, Taunton CCF YI
King's School, The XI
Kingsbridge Community College ZI
Mid Devon Explorer Scouts XJ
Mount Kelly Foundation YJ
National Trust Dartmoor, The ZJ
Plymouth College XK
Plymouth Explorer Scouts XL
QE Academy Trust A ZR
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital XN
Shebbear College YK
Sheldon School YL
Sidmouth College ZK
Spires College, The XM
St Thomas Old Boys YN
Taunton Explorers ZL
Tavistock & Dist Youth Forum XO
Tavistock College ZM
Teignbridge Explorers ZN

Torquay Boys' Grammar School A


Torquay Boys' Grammar School B

Torquay Girls' Grammar School YO
Truro School A XQ
Truro School B YP
Uffculme School YQ
Wraxall Explorers XR
Writhlington School ZP