Year of Green Action 2019

TT Secretary's Notices

Fri 15 Feb 2019 — Postbridge Visitor Centre parking

The parking area opposite Postbridge Visitor Centre is currently being used for logging operations and may be unavailable or only part available for the foreseeable future. Please continue not to use Postbridge Visitor Centre car park except for dropping off and picking up. Instead, use other parking areas at Bellever Bridge, along the Princetown road, on the road towards Mortonhampstead (but not outside the Warren House Inn), and on the Dartmeet road.


Fri 15 Feb 2019 — Team Managers' Guidance

Under the Information tab there is a new section designed for all Team Managers. This guidance is written to assist Team Managers in training and preparing for Ten Tors.

The following topics are covered:

1. Responsibility & Competence

2. Hazards & Risks

3. Training Overview

4. A Progressive Training Model

5. Clothing & Equipment

6. Food & Water

7. Navigation

8. Water Crossing

9. Weather

10. Emergencies During Training

11. Reading List


Tue 12 Feb 2019 — Recurring training issues

On the majority of weekends leading up to the event, Dartmoor National Park is monitored by Environmental Compliance Monitors, who assist the Organiser’s in ensuring that training on Dartmoor is environmentally sustainable by including various measures in the Ten Tors rules.

Recently they have informed us of the following recurring issues that have arisen:

  • Establishments are training without completing the Team Managers Training on Dartmoor Log.
  • RBNA’s have not been marked on some maps.
  • The correct ID’s are not being shown on rucksacks or in minibuses.
  • Not all groups are carrying Green Cards.
  • Hi visibility clothing is not being worn whilst teams are using public roads.


Tue 12 Feb 2019 — Team Managers Training on Dartmoor Log

Prior to any Ten Tors Training on Dartmoor, Team Managers are to input the training details on the automated Training on Dartmoor form. This will generate the report that is compiled weekly for all training within the Dartmoor National Park. The report is made available to the Police, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Teams, Dartmoor National Park Authority Rangers, Environmental Compliance Monitor's and Ten Tors Officials to assist in the event of an emergency, incident, complaint or non-compliance with the Ten Tors Rules. In addition, statistics derived from the form are used to check compliance with our agreements with landowners and Statutory Bodies.

To enter the details of your Training on Dartmoor;

Log in through your Dashboard.

Click ‘Add New’. Complete the fields in accordance with the guidance given. If you miss out a mandatory field, you will be reminded to go back to complete that field when you click on ‘Save Entry’.

To enter the next day, click "Add new" and you will get the form already partially populated with the first 3 sections of the previous entry. You then have only the Locations sections to complete. The date defaults to the day you are completing the form, ready for you to amend.

If your training was cancelled, email so your record can be deleted.


Tue 5 Feb 2019 — Payments

The payment option on Team Managers Dashboards has been re-opened. This will close on Friday the 08 Feb 19 at 1200 hrs. If establishments have not paid by this time, the teams they requested will be given to those on the reserve list.


Fri 1 Feb 2019 — Parking whilst training on Dartmoor

The restriction on parking in a carpark if it is already more than half-full of other Ten Tors-related vehicles, does not apply at either Willsworthy or Lane End carpark as both are owned by the MOD.


Thu 31 Jan 2019 — Payment reminder

A reminder to all Team Managers that the dashboard closes for payment at 2359hrs on the 31 January 19.


Wed 23 Jan 2019 — Standon Farm training notice

Standon Farm and the surrounding area are Out Of Bounds whilst training for Ten Tors.

The building is located in enclosed land and may be in use for military training at any time and without any warnings being displayed.

Walking Groups may use the MOD permissive path between Standon Steps at SX 539816 South along the River Tavy to the Access Land at SX 541814.


Tue 22 Jan 2019 — Limitations on use of Dartmoor for Ten Tors Training

To address concerns for Dartmoor’s precious environment, some limitations have been agreed with the National Park Authority. Rob Steemson, who has been coordinating action, emphasises that while Ten Tors may contribute to wear and tear, it is only one of Dartmoor’s uses that can cause environmental damage.

Route Selection. To spread wear on the countryside whilst training, Team Managers are strongly encouraged to use areas other than Dartmoor, including both lowland and other local moorland areas, to select sites other than the tops of tors as checkpoints, and to make use of public rights of way. Care must be taken not to damage areas that are protected as Scheduled Monuments, Sites of Special Scientific Interest or Rare Bird Nesting Areas. Prior to planning any training, the Green Card must be read and adhered to.

Archerton. Stay on the bridleway around Archerton at SX 640791: do not allow walkers to stray onto private driveways.

Tor Royal. The track from Tor Royal SX 600732 to Bullpark SX603734 is NOT a public right of way and is not to be used.

Water Hill. To give the worn tracks time to recover, the area depicted below is not to be used for Ten Tors training. However, having rested the area, Water Hill will be available for use as a checkpoint for the Challenge.

Annex A to the Rules is currently being rewritten and will be published shortly.