Ten Tors Challenge

Routes & Maps - Ten Tors Challenge 2017

The Ten Tors Challenge Manned Locations

Manned Locations

An outline map of the northern part of Dartmoor, covering an area 17 by 24 kilometres, showing the locations manned during the Ten Tors Challenge is available at the above link. The 10 Safety Controls are positioned close to roads to assist the evacuation of those unable to complete the Challenge. The 14 Check Points, on prominent features, mostly Tors but with some on Beacons and Hills, allow the routes allocated to be spread and create increasingly more difficult expeditions for the older age groups.

The 400 Teams are each assigned a route which requires them to visit 10 Safety Controls and Check Points in the specified order. Teams will be allocate to 26 routes, each with its own unique problems and combination of Tors. During the Ten Tors Challenge these locations across the moor are manned by the Moor Support Group, led by the Royal Wessex Yeomanry with support from Royal Navy and Royal Air Force volunteers.

The Ten Tors Challenge Routes

Routes 35, 45, 55 - Including NT & CT data

Although Teams will only be allocated to 26 routes for the Ten Tors Challenge, 18 x 35 mile routes, 10 x 45 mile routes and 4 x 55 mile routes have been planned and are available at the above link. This will enable the Organisers to load more equally each of the Routes used for the Challenge.